Propellers for RC models

Choose from wide range of sizes of quality props and spinners by RFM brand. We are the official distributor of RFM propellers for the Czech Republic.


3 reasons for RFM propellers and spinner

World champion propeller

RFM props and spinners are developed and produced by Rudolf Freudenthaler, four times world champion.

Serious try-outs

All propeller undergoes serious testing by the manufacturer and only those with the best results reach the sale.

High resistance due to carbon

RFM produce propellers from carbon in small numbers. Carbon propeller show incomparably greater strength and stability unlike conventional plastic ones, which means it does not warp and can handle much more operational load. If you do not harm the propeller by yourself, it will live longer than your RC model.

Choose your new propeller

How to choose the right propeller

Looking for a propeller and you fear that you choose the wrong one? Follow these tips and nothing can go wrong.

TIP: Choose the size of the propeller and the number of battery cells recommended by the model manufacturer.

Propeller diameter according to the model

  • Fast and aerodynamically clean model needs a propeller with a smaller diameter (first digit in the propeller marking) and higher ascent (the second digit in the propeller marking).
  • Slow model needs a propeller with bigger diameter and smaller ascent.

Number of battery cells

Engine with higher power voltage needs dimensionally smaller propeller than engine with a lower voltage. The same engine powered by 4cell will need propeller 11/8, while 3cell one a propeller 12,5 /8.

Propeller size according to engine construction

  • If you have a classic conception engine (rotor rotates inside the engine) designed for higher speeds, you should purchase a smaller propeller.
  • If you have an engine with rotating drum (ie. outrunner) with more torque, you can select a larger propeller.

CAUTION: Do not forget to keep an eye on the engine temperature. If you will not be able to hold hand on it during operation, it is overloaded and you have to use a smaller propeller. If the engine is cold, you can use a larger propeller.

Choose your new propeller and spinner

Standard props


Choose from a number of blade dimensions for any model.

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Offset props


Special props which needs to be combined with offset spinners.

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Blades for 12mm beam


Props developed for big RC models. They need to be supplied with special prop adapters 12 mm wide.

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Racing blades for FB5


Props for models of categories F5B and F5F. They need to be combined with offset spinners.

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Standard spinners


Choose from wide range of standard spinners suitable for any model.

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Turbo spinners


Turbo spinners with an opening for engine cooling systems with a large selection of blade dimensions for any RC model.

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Offset turbo spinners


Spinners supplied with prop adapter. Ensure the perfect fit of folded sheets to the body. It needs to be combined with offset blades.

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