RC model of Maxion aircraft

RC model letadla MaxionBig RC model of a glider driven by an electric motor is suitable for flying at higher altitudes and distances from the pilot. Four times world champion Rudolf Freudenthaler has participated on the development.

What makes this model exceptional

This design unique model has a construction which use all our experience. The wing is reinforced with carbon roving and glass fiber, under the cover of thicker Abachi sheet. Higher strength of the body we achieved by another layer of glass fiber and adding more carbon rovings.

Maxion is controlled by elevator and rudder, ailerons, flaps and engine.

The building kit contains all the necessary accessories needed to complete a model and assembly instructions.

BONUS: With the building kit you will get for FREE a protective cover for the wing and stabilizer in price of € 9,99.

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Technical data

Feature Value
Span 2 760 mm
Lenght 1 440 mm
Weight 2 430 g
Wing area 52,22 dm2
Profile MH 30
Engine 600 W and more
Battery 4-6 Li-Pol 2200-4500 mAh
Suitable servos MKS DS 6100, MKS DS 450 (rudder control) and MKS DS 6125, MKS DS 6125 Mini (for wings)

Photos of Maxion model

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