RC model of Ion PRO+ aircraft

RC model letadla Ion PRO+Powerful RC model of glider driven by electric motor with a wide range of speeds and excellent sliding. Model PRO + is accompanied by flaps. Four times world champion Rudolf Freudenthaler has participated on the development.

What makes this model exceptional

Thanks to the new internal construction of wing can Ion PRO+ easier cope with the increased load during the operation.

Compared to Ion PRO model is PRO+ equipped with flaps, which significantly increase the range of flight speeds and provides this model with a better flight performance. At full deflection of flaps the landing aproach is greatly shortened during landing.

Ion PRO+ is available in a version with controlled ailerons, flaps, the elevator and engine.

The building kit contains all the necessary accessories needed to complete a model and assembly instructions.

BONUS: With the building kit you will get for FREE a protective cover for the wing and stabilizer in price of € 9,99.

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Technical data

Feature Value
Span 2 020 mm
Lenght 1070 mm (E), 1050 mm (V)
Weight 1000 g (V), min. 1500 g according to equipment (E)
Wing area 32,7 dm2
Profile MH 30
Suitable servos MKS DS 6100, MKS DS 450, MKS DS 6188

VIDEO: How Ion PRO+ flies

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