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Choose your new RC aircraft model, join the thousands of satisfied customers worldwide and start flying with models that won the World Cup.

3 reasons for our RC aircraft models

rc-modely-letadel-mistr-svetaWorld champion is involved in the development

We cooperate with quadruple world champion Rudolf Freudenthaler from Austria on the development of our RC model airplanes. Start to fly too with RC models developed by world champion.

RC-modely-letadel-designAlways only the professional design

Look of our RC model airplanes is designed by graduate of design department Petr Svec. Therefore, our aircraft are able to boast a professional, modern look that others will envy.

RC modely letadel na míruIndividual approach and quality work

We approach each model individually and tailor it to your specific requirements. We pay attention to quality construction of building kit and we deliver the model in form of preprocessed kits to model ready to fly.

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Building kits in various stages of RC model completion

Basic Edition (ARC)

RC model completely built without the final overlay in the form of iron-on foil. Choose it if you want to tune the look of  RC model by yourself.

Bronze and Silver Edition (ARF)

RC model completely built including the final overlay in the form of iron-on foil ORACOVER – at least in two colors.

Gold, Platinum and Diamond Edition (ARF)

Top lines of our aircrafts are complete RC models custom made to your requirements including engine and other accesories. Those models are ready to take off. 

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You’ll enjoy our RC aircraft models

Quaity material

Model bodies are composite. We laminate them from fiberglass reinforced by carbon. Wings are made styropor foam precisely carved on the CNC machine and covered by Abachi sheet.

Color surface of wings is coated by ORACOVER foil.

Choose your own engine

We will be pleased to help you with choosing the right engine for your new RC model. You can use cheap motors from China, middle class engines manufactured in the Czech Republic or top racing engines.

We will also deliver a propeller, propeller spinner, regulator and power pack to your engine.

Choose your new RC model



2015 new release.

More details



Powerful model with excellent sliding.

More details

Ion PRO+


Model enhanced by flaps.

More details



Model, which you will really enjoy.

More details



Model for flying in great height.

More details



RC model of a standard class glider.

More details



Model for acrobatic flying.

More details

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