Smart electronics for RC Models

Do you need to control bigger RC models easily? With electronics Smart-Fly’s no problem. We are the official distributor of the Smart-Fly electronics for Czech Republic.


3 reasons for Smart-Fly electronics

  • Electronics, which lets you easily control medium and large RC models.
  • Quality products from the USA with an excellent price / performance ratio.
  • We are the official distributor for Czech Republic and outside consulting we provide warranty and post-warranty service.

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Using smart electronics in practice

Connecting more servos on one channel

It will allows you to program more servos on one channel.

For example, for aileron control up to four servos is one channel just enough. For each servo you can program their own central position and the maximum size of deflection.

This way you can easily control larger and large RC aircraft models too.

Connecting of more batteries

You will be able to use two independent power batteries up to voltage of 8.5 V. In case of failure one battery will disconnect while the other continues to supply power.

Protection of electronics and outputs

Protects the on-board electronics against short circuits and all outputs from interference.

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Powerboxes and switchboards


Connect and program easily up to 30 servos.

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ServoMatch equalizers


Match the confluence of up to 4 servos on a single area.

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